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Water Heater Installation in St. Charles

While repairing water heaters is our specialty, it goes hand-in-hand with the installation of a new water heater. Eventually there comes a time where it makes more sense to replace the water heater rather than to repair it. Whether you’re interested in a brand new water heater for a new home, or it’s time to have your existing water heater replaced, our expert technicians are here to ensure the job gets done right the first time. We have experience with, and are equipped to work on all types and brands of water heaters.

We also specialize in the installation of tankless water heater. A tankless water heater can be a huge upgrade for a household, depending on water usage levels. If you find yourself constantly running out of hot water and having to wait for the tank to refill, a tankless water heater can be an excellent solution to the problem. The major limitation of a tankless water heater is the flow rate. If you often have multiple people taking showers at the same time, or have showers running while the laundry and dishwasher are running, then a tankless water heater may not be sufficient for your household. However, there are also some major benefits of a tankless water heater. For example, they take up far less space and use less energy overall because they’re not constantly heating a tank of water that may not be getting used. They also provide instant hot water to any faucet or fixture in the household. In addition, they also last up to twice as long as a traditional water heater, potentially saving quite a bit of money in the long run. The two types of tankless water heaters are gas and electric. An electric tankless water heater uses quite a bit of electricity and in some cases actually requires that the homes electrical system be upgraded. A gas powered tankless water heater would be the more common type found in the St. Charles area, because households in this area are usually equipped with natural gas. They tankless water heater, in the long run, may save up to 10 to 15% on the cost of heating your water.

If tankless water heaters are not for you, don’t worry we still have you covered. The experts at St. Charles water heaters have been working with classic water heaters of all types for years and years. We understand the mechanics of water heaters of any type inside and out. If you suspect your water heater is not performing up to standard, we could even come do a water heater inspection and see what’s going on with your system. We can then quickly tell you about any problems and let you know the available solutions.

When it comes to the installation of any type of water heater, it is important to leave the job up to a professional. Often times the water heater is located in a part of the home that is less visible than the main living space. Do you want to have peace of mind that the job was done correctly, and hiring a reputable company like ours gives you that peace of mind. We are happy to consult with you about all the different water heater options so you can make an informed decision on which type of water heater fits best with your household needs.